Help Preserve Everest by Donating Today

Mount Everest has deep cultural and religious significance to the Sherpa communities.
Sagarmāthā, as it is known in Nepali, is revered as the “Mother Goddess of the World.” The
ongoing dumping of human waste is degrading to this hallowed ground.

To bring this essential waste-management solution to life and to sustain the region’s climbing
tourism industry for years to come, Mount Everest Biogas Project is seeking donations from
individuals, a corporate project sponsor, major equipment donations or grant investments.

Alongside the successful funding of this primary project at Gorak Shep, Mount Everest Biogas
Project is seeking programmatic level funding for additional projects beyond this pilot phase.
This technology is proven and ripe for deployment to other pristine, heavily trafficked and high
altitude areas across the globe that suffer from similar environmental and health risks from the
dumping of untreated waste.

Donate to the Mount Everest Biogas Project today using your credit card or your paypal ID.