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The tallest mountain in Nepal is called Sagarmatha, the Mother of the World.  In other countries, we call this mountain Mount Everest.  Wherever we live, this is the tallest mountain on our planet.  As humans continue to expand our impact on earth, even this remote area is now affected by an international community of people.  We come to experience this wonder of the world, but as in so many other places, we fail to control the unintended consequences of our presence.  A group of people from Nepal, and other countries is working together to find a sustainable solution for the problem of human waste on Mount Everest.  This team is made up entirely of volunteers, so if you have the time and the will to help, you can be one of us too.  Whatever support people can provide is always welcome.

Thank you for your support in this critical effort.
~ Garry Porter, Program Manager


As a volunteer-run non-profit, Mount Everest Biogas Project has been working on this critical project since 2010. Significant progress has been made: the development and design of the project are now complete. Now we need to build it. Our organization is made up of only volunteers and our team is growing. Do you have knowledge of one of these areas and the willingness to volunteer some of your time to help us out?

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